iPhone X Wifi Antenna

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Compatible with iPhone X
New Aftermarket Replacement Wifi Antenna for iPhone X
Use this Replacement Wifi Antenna to fix a broken or damaged Wifi Antenna for iPhone X
This Replacement Wifi Antenna is covered by Lifetime Warranty from Neocellular Parts
We recommend this part to be used by a professional technician

This is the brand new WiFi Antenna Flex Cable Replacement for the iPhone X. If you are looking for an affordable replacement WiFi Antenna, look no further! Our replacement parts are all tested and are a perfect fit for your Apple device. Grab yours today and our shipping team will throw in a free pry tool and adhesive strip! Fast shipping options are available Mon-Fri, so you can complete your repair sooner than ever! We also offer live chat email tech support for your convenience!


  • iPhone X


  • Brand new WiFi Antenna Flex Cable Replacement for the iPhone X
  • Fully tested
  • Free pry tool and adhesive
  • Fast shipping options
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