iPhone 8 Plus Powerd+ High Capacity Replacement Battery

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Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus (Model A1864, A1897, A1898)


  • Brand new Premium quality Replacement Battery for iPhone 8 Plus


  • This replacement Battery is Zero-Cycle Count


  • Replacement for damaged or non-functioning Battery for iPhone 8 Plus


  • This battery can be used to fix the issue of Battery not charging or Battery charge dies quickly


  • 100% Rechargeable Battery


Our Premium Replacement Batteries are sourced with one aim, to maximize the charging capabilities as close to the capacity and charge time provided by the Original iPhone battery so the users can utilize the long-lasting charge.


All our Premium Replacement Batteries pass through strict testing to ensure that they meet and exceed industry standards. Through the testing process, Premium iPhone Replacement Batteries have to pass through various tests including Load Testing and Temperature testing where Batteries' output is measured during high usage periods when applications such as video streaming demand high power and different tempereature settings which tend to affect the power output of lower quality replacement batteries.

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